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Dear visitors, on behalf of, I would like to thank all of you for your support, interest and feedback regarding the blog and its content. Creating, editing, updating and maintaining a blog requires time and money to keep providing the services. Keeping the blog available for free for students, teachers, language learners, and other visitors will not be economically viable without your support. On behalf of the team, I request that you be supportive and donate by clicking any of the payment links. You can donate £3, £7 or £10 to help us maintain the blog and keep providing advertisement-free, linked and authentic content for your English Language learning, teaching or research needs and endeavours. Thank you. 


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Welcome to the Keystone Learning & Teaching Blog. It is a forum to discuss, share, and critically analyse innovative ideas to learn, comprehend, and practice. You are welcome to comment on the posts, join as members, get notified about all the activities on the blog, be an active part of groups to discuss and analyse specific topics and create new posts to get academically sound comments from the group members. Thank you.


Keystonelt Admin Team 

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