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ESOL Entry 3 A

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Body Systems:

Nose, nostrils, larynx, windpipe, lungs (Respiratory System)

Functions: exchange, inhale, exhale (breathe)

Mouth, teeth, Oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, appendix (Digestive System)

Functions: Chew, churn, mix, extract, digest

Heart, arteries, veins, capillaries (Circulatory System)

Function: Transports blood, pump

Kidneys – purifies and cleans the blood

Liver – filters the blood from toxins

Bones, skull, ribs, collarbone, shoulder blade, Spice, spinal cord, backbone, hip bone, skeleton (Skeletal System)

Brain, nerves, spinal cord, spine (Nervous system)

Functions: Controlling the body functions and all that the brain does.



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