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ESOL Level 1 A / B

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Wednesday Exam Hints

Writing Exam (1 hour 30 minutes)

Activity 1: Grammar (Pass mark 85%)

Q1. Identify and underline missing punctuation marks and write the correct ones. (Capital words, commas, terminal punctuation markers and apostrophes) – 10 marks

Q.2. Identify why the writer started a new paragraph. Was it the change in topic, time, person or place? (1 mark)

Q.3. Identify, underline and rewrite incorrect spelling. (5 marks)

Q.4. Identify grammatically correct words from a choice of three to complete the sentence. (4 marks)

Q.5. Choose the correct form of the root word (noun, adjective, verb or adverb) – 3 marks

Q.6. Use correct phrasal verbs with prepositions “our, on, about OR in) to fill in the blanks. (4 marks)

Q.7. Complete the sentences. No grammar errors are allowed. *Question (3 marks)


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