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Tasks to complete

Natural Silk

ESOL Level 1 (B2)

Sunrise on Nature

ESOL Entry 1 (A1)

Job Interview


Tasks to complete

1. Sign up at and download the App on your phone. Click here

Download Teams on your mobile device and make sure you are registered with Level 1 chat and Team

Register with “Century Portal” using your college username and password before coming to the class

Prepare three file folders, “EPD”, “English Skills” and ESOL Course Work

Download the Outlook Express email client and get registered using your college username and password

Visit your College HUB and see what you can find


MUST WATCH Videos to prepare for your presentation: 

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



ESOL Entry 1


Week1:19/09/22 - 23/09/22

Answer the questions in your notebook - Favourites

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