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English Language And A Bright Future In The UK Are Inseparable! by Zahra Mustafa

The English language can undoubtedly be called the lingua franca of the world, especially in the business world. This language is important anywhere globally, not only in the UK. Nowadays, more and more people are trying to study English as a second language because it is the primary language for studying any subject worldwide.

Why is it important to learn English and how will it help your future in the UK?

English gives more access to the internet

Nowadays, many films, TV shows, books and news are produced in English. Knowing and understanding English Langauge, you will no longer need any translations and subtitles. Knowing English will help you with online research because most of the websites are published in English, so you can get the information you are searching for without anybody’s help!

English opens new career opportunities

First and foremost, learning English can help you chase and get more career opportunities. Nowadays, many companies need employees who can communicate with clients and deal with them worldwide, so finding employees who can speak English has become a priority for many businesses that want to trade globally. By learning English, you could become a translator, a language teacher, or an English marketing professional for a global company.

English as a common language to meet new people

Studying an English language course can help you meet people, find friends and learn about different cultures from different countries. Talking to foreigners in English can help you improve your English language proficiency, especially with the natives and besides that, you will get new information you did not know before.

English is useful for international travel

Knowing a good English Language makes travel easier worldwide because it is an international language. It makes it easy to get assistance and help from everywhere. Not only is English useful for tourism, but many international conferences, competitions and celebrations are held in English as well.

The English language can change your entire life

Learning English in the UK will make your life easier by making you independent, self-reliant and confident. It will help you to find new friends, you will not need an interpreter during your appointments, you can help your children with their homework and get an excellent job with a good salary. If you are interested in developing your English language in a work environment, you can do volunteer work. Even if your language is not good enough, you will help other people, learn new skills and get valuable experience.

Author: Zahra Mustafa

ESOL Level 1 student

The Manchester College

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