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How important learning the English Language is to lead an independent life? By Sabina Atabaeva

The English Language is the language of communication around the world in all social contexts, such as politics, science, media, art and entertainment, as well as for communication through social media or socializing in person.

Having a good command of the English language helps us have more opportunities in life, especially when choosing or starting a career. Learning English opens new venues or pathways and broadens our world from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country. For instance, if you travel anywhere in the world, you will find someone who can speak English to help you overcome the language barrier. If we count the countries where the English Language is the official language, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the USA and the Caribbean countries, more than 400 million native speakers of the English Language. We recognize that the English language is an international language, the primary language of this planet.

Facts The statistics reveal that more than a quarter of the world's population speaks English which means that about 1.6 billion people understand and relate with the help of the language of Shakespeare.

Most of the films are in English, and the most prominent film industry, Hollywood, makes films in the English Language. A significant comparison is the Chinese Language. There are more than 3 billion people who speak Chinese in the world. However, apart from the native Chinese speakers, not many people venture to learn such a widely spoken language. Maybe, because the English Language plays a vital role in our lives by affecting almost all dimensions of our day-to-day routines, irrespective of the nationality we belong to. Most international trade agreements are concluded in English and it is the most widely used language for business meetings.

How can it help to overcome the fear of language? Learning English as a second language is a great opportunity to broaden someone’s horizons and improve knowledge about different cultures. Communicating in English with people could overcome fear and obstacles in communication with people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Life offers various challenges and we cannot let fear stop us from learning. Sometimes it can be tiring to think and use the correct words and phrases when having a conversation in English. It can be frustrating to remember the right words to express oneself and understand each other. When it is difficult to communicate in English fluently, it can put one off from participating in a conversation. There were times when I felt frustrated and I had very low self-esteem because of the lack of English language proficiency and fluency. However, I learned that by studying hard and being positive, I could improve my English language and have good communication with people.

Experience in a language class

Besides learning English as a second language, I enjoy communicating with my foreign classmates in English. The atmosphere of our language class is very pleasant because the teacher makes learning the language easy and exciting without any pressure. Speaking and reading languages could be creative, relaxing and humorous. English class is important to appreciate diversity and, perhaps most importantly, to contribute to the future of culture and critical thinking.

In conclusion, as the most spoken language in the world, English holds a significant place in human interaction and communication. International businesses, operate seamlessly because they can communicate easily and effectively because of English. It helps people when they use technology, hardware or software. Although technological growth is constant, English might be the only bridging factor holding the ground by continuously evolving and establishing its place as a language of culture, science and business.

Author: Sabina Atabaeva

ESOL Level 1 Student

The Manchester College

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