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What is Important: A Clear Goal or Hard Work? by Shirin Mahmoud

Life can not proceed without goals. Human beings are born without any life experience. With time as we grow up, we gain interests and experience from various factors that we face in our lives, from negatives to positives.

Our regular life has specific stages education-wise, which determine our future path. Everyone then chooses their path depending on their interest. Some of them decide their own goals relying on life circumstances and needs.

In my opinion, we humans should chase things that we are good at to be successful in what we do on the one hand. On the other hand, it is more enjoyable since we are good at it. Parents have to leave their children to decide what they want to do in the future and support them in their choice. This way, we can ensure that everybody is building their way to creativity and success.

Life circumstances can affect our abilities and prevent us from reaching our goals, for instance, financial difficulties, age, positions we are at, and time frame.

The differences in human beings have an impact on people as well. Some people need training and practice to improve their abilities to put them on the right way to work on their goals to achieve.

Some people cannot set their own goals, which leads them to experience many things in life to discover themselves in what they are good at. This type of people go through many ups and downs in life and take much time, which is challenging for them. A lot of them give up and get stressed and anxious.

In my personal opinion, it is important not to set limits on your desires to discover yourself. Goals and hard work are two things that complement each other. You can not set a goal without striving, and you can not pursue something and work hard without a goal. Of course, everything needs steps, and the first step is to make a decision. The second step is to ask yourself, are you ready for all the challenges and difficulties? Because we want to succeed and be happy at the same time. Success is linked to happiness and being grateful; therefore, you have to pay attention to your own emotions because the heart will give you a signal of what you do right because you will not need three days to feel it is right or not. The heart is like a navigator.

Finally, why do I not stick to goals because they come from the mental realm? Secondly, when I set the goals, my consciousness is avenged to chase those goals in five years or whatever.

During this time, I am not with myself, I am away from myself and the joy stays for three minutes and then off to the next one because one goal is chasing the other. So my strategy is I decide the direction of joy and so on. I can work hard automatically.

Author: Shirin Mahmoud

FS Student

The Manchester College

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