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Romans made the first'pencil thousands of years ago.They were small brushes used for writting.Romans pencils were very different to the ones we used today.Model pencils had a sample design. They are light and made of wood.

In 1662 Gamany, made pencils in large factorys.These pencils had string around them.They started to used wood.At first, pencil makers doesn't paint the wood around the pencils because the wood colours was very nice. In 1890 many pencil makers started printing pencils different colours and putting their names on then.

Around the year 1990, the pencils came from China .In China, yellow was a special colours and an important one .it was the colour of kings and queen

Pencil makers started to used yellow to show people the pencil was the best. These days yellow is still a popular colour for pencils.

Tessy Eronse

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