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Reading Skills Practice Resources

E1 Reading Sample 1 C&G

E1 Reading Sample 2 C&G

E1 Reading Sample 3 C&G

E1 Reading Sample 4 C&G

E1 Reading Sample 5 C&G

E1 Reading Sample 6 C&G

E1 Reading Sample 7 C&G

E1 Reading Sample 8 Trinity 

E1 Reading Sample 9 Trinity

E1 Reading Sample 10 Trinty

E1 Reading Sample 11 Trinity

E1 Reading Sample 12 Trinity

E1 Reading Sample 13 Trinity

E1 Reading Sample 14 Gate

E1 Reading Sample 15 Gate

E1 Reading Sample 16 Gate

E1 Reading Sample 17 Edex

E1 Reading Sample 18 Edex

E1 Reading Sample 19 Edex

E1 Reading Sample 20 Edex

E1 Reading Sample 21 Edex

E1 Reading Sample 22 Edex

E2 Reading Sample 1 - Trinity

E2 Reading Sample 2 - Trinity

E2 Reading Sample 3 - Trinity

E2 Reading Sample 4 - Trinity

E2 Reading Sample 5 - Trinity

E2 Reading Sample 6 - Trinity

E2 Reading Sample 7 - C&G

E2 Reading Sample 8 - C&G

E2 Reading Sample 9 - C&G

E2 Reading Sample 10-C&G

E2 Reading Sample 11-C&G

E2 Reading Sample 12-C&G

E2 Reading Sample 13-C&G

E2 Reading Sample 14-Gate

E2 Reading Sample 15-Gate

E2 Reading Sample 16-Gate

E2 Reading Sample 17 Edex

E2 Reading Sample 18 Edex

E2 Reading Sample 19 Edex

E2 Reading Sample 20 Edex

E2 Reading Sample 21 Edex

E2 Reading Sample 22 Edex

E3 Reading Sample 1 Trinity

E3 Reading Sample 2 Trinity

E3 Reading Sample 3 Trinity

E3 Reading Sample 4 Trinity

E3 Reading Sample 5 Trinity

E3 Reading Sample 6 Trinity

E3 Reading Sample 7 C&G

E3 Reading Sample 8 C&G

E3 Reading Sample 9 C&G

E3 Reading Sample 10 C&G

E3 Reading Sample 11 C&G

E3 Reading Sample 12 C&G

E3 Reading Sample 13 C&G

E3 Reading Sample 14 Gate

E3 Reading Sample 15 Gate

E3 Reading Sample 16 Gate

E3 Reading Sample 17 Edex

E3 Reading Sample 18 Edex

E3 Reading Sample 19 Edex

E3 Reading Sample 20 Edex

E3 Reading Sample 21 Edex

E3 Reading Sample 22 Edex

E3 Reading Sample 23 Edex

L1 Reading Sample 1 Trinity

L1 Reading Sample 2 Trinity

L1 Reading Sample 3 Trinity

L1 Reading Sample 4 Trinity

L1 Reading Sample 5 Trinity

L1 Reading Sample 6 Trinity

L1 Reading Sample 7 C&G

L1 Reading Sample 8 C&G

L1 Reading Sample 9 C&G

L1 Reading Source Sheet 10

L1 Reading Sample 10 C&G

L1 Reading Source Sheet 11

L1 Reading Sample 11 C&G

L1 Reading Source Sheet 12

L1 Reading Sample 12 C&G

L1 Reading Source Sheet 13

L1 Reading Sample 13 C&G

L1 Reading Source Sheet 14

L1 Reading Sample 14 C&G

L1 Reading Source Sheet 15

L1 Reading Sample 15 C&G

L1 Reading Sample 16 Gate

L1 Reading Sample 17 Gate

L1 Reading Sample 18 Gate

L1 Reading Sample 19 FS Ed

L1 Reading Sample 20 FS Ed

L1 Reading Sample 21 FS Ed

L1 Reading Sample 22 FS Ed

L2 Reading Practice Paper 1

L2 Reading Practice Paper 2

L2 Reading Practice Paper 3

L2 Reading Practice Paper 4

L2 Reading Practice Paper 5

L2 Reading Practice Paper 6

L2 Reading Practice Paper 7

L2 Reading Source Sheet 8

L2 Reading Practice Paper 8

L2 Reading Source Sheet 9

L2 Reading Practice Paper 9

L2 Reading Source Sheet 10

L2 Reading Practice Paper 10

L2 Reading Source Sheet 11

L2 Reading Practice Paper 11

L2 Reading Source Sheet 12

L2 Reading Practice Paper 12

L2 Reading Source Sheet 13

L2 Reading Practice Paper 13

IELTS Reading Sample 1

IELTS Reading Sample 2

IELTS Reading Sample 3

IELTS Reading Sample 4

IELTS Reading Sample 5

IELTS Reading Sample 6

IELTS Reading Sample 7

Writing Skills Practice


E1 Writing Sample 1 Trinity

E1 Writing Sample 2 Trinity

E1 Writing Sample 3 Trinity

E1 Writing Sample 4 Trinity

E1 Writing Sample 5 Trinity

E1 Writing Sample 6 Trinity

E1 Writing Sample 7 C&G

E1 Writing Sample 8 C&G

E1 Writing Sample 9 C&G

E1 Writing Sample 10 C&G

E1 Writing Sample 11 C&G

E1 Writing Sample 12 C&G

E1 Writing Sample 13 C&G

E1 Writing Sample 14 Gate

E1 Writing Sample 15 Gate

E1 Writing Sample 16 Gate

E1 Writing Sample 17 Edex

E1 Writing Sample 18 Edex

E1 Writing Sample 19 Edex

E1 Writing Sample 20 Edex

E1 Writing Sample 21 Edex

E2 Writing Sample 1 - Trinity

E2 Writing Sample 2 - Trinity

E2 Writing Sample 3 - Trinity

E2 Writing Sample 4 - Trinity

E2 Writing Sample 5 - Trinity

E2 Writing Sample 6 - Trinity

E2 Writing Sample 7 - C&G

E2 Writing Sample 8 - C&G

E2 Writing Sample 9 - C&G

E2 Writing Sample 10-C&G

E2 Writing Sample 11-C&G

E2 Writing Sample 12-C&G

E2 Writing Sample 13-C&G

E2 Writing Sample 14-Gate

E2 Writing Sample 16-Gate

E2 Writing Sample 16-Gate

E2 Writing Sample 17-Edex

E2 Writing Sample 18 Edex

E2 Writing Sample 19 Edex

E2 Writing Sample 20 Edex

E2 Writing Sample 21 Edex

E3 Writing Sample 1 Trinity

E3 Writing Sample 2 Trinity

E3 Writing Sample 3 Trinity

E3 Writing Sample 4 Trinity

E3 Writing Sample 5 Trinity

E3 Writing Sample 6 Trinity

E3 Writing Sample 7 C&G

E3 Writing Sample 8 C&G

E3 Writing Sample 9 C&G

E3 Writing Sample 10 C&G

E3 Writing Sample 11 C&G

E3 Writing Sample 12 C&G

E3 Writing Sample 13 C&G

E3 Writing Sample 14 Gate

E3 Writing Sample 15 Gate

E3 Writing Sample 16 Gate

E3 Writing Sample 17 Edex

E3 Writing Sample 18 Edex

E3 Writing Sample 19 Edex

E3 Writing Sample 20 Edex

E3 Writing Sample 21 Edex

E3 Writing Sample 22 Edex

L1 Writing Sample 1 Trinity

L1 Writing Sample 2 Trinity

L1 Writing Sample 3 Trinity

L1 Writing Sample 4 Trinity

L1 Writing Sample 5 Trinity

L1 Writing Sample 6 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 7 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 8 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 9 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 10 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 11 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 12 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 13 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 14 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 15 C&G

L1 Writing Sample 16 Gate

L1 Writing Sample 17 Gate

L1 Writing Sample 18 Edex

L1 Writing Sample 19 Edex

L1 Writing Sample 20 Edex

L2 Writing Practice Paper 1

L2 Writing Practice Paper 2

L2 Writing Practice Paper 3

L2 Writing Practice Paper 4

L2 Writing Practice Paper 5

L2 Writing Practice Paper 6

L2 Writing Practice Paper 7

L2 Writing Practice Paper 8

L2 Writing Practice Paper 9

L2 Writing Practice Paper 10

L2 Writing Practice Paper 11

L2 Writing Practice Paper 12

L2 Writing Practice Paper 13

IELTS Writing Sample 1

IELTS Writing Sample 2

IELTS Writing Sample 3

IELTS Writing Sample 4

IELTS Writing Sample 5


Basic Skills:

How to create a file folder

How to open MS Word Doc

How to edit text in MS Word

How to insert an image in Word

How to edit an image in Word

How to use Word Art in Word

How to insert a table in Word

How to insert shapes in Word

How to change case in Word

How to sort words and numbers

How to insert a text box in Word

How to use Header and Footer

How to change the margins

How to change the layout in Word

How to save a Word file

How to rename a Word fil

How to open MS Excel

How to insert data 

How to edit rows and columns

How to insert formula in excel 

How to create a chart

Microsoft Teams

Advanced Skills: 

Learn how to use PowerPoint

Click here

Learn how to use Microsoft Word

Click here

Learn how to use Outlook Express Click here

Learn how to use MS Teams

Click here

Learn how to use Excel

Click here

Learn how to insert and modify a picture in Word

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How to create a chart in Excel - Click here

Learn about Keys and keyboard - Click here

Learn keyboard shortcuts

Click here 

Apple iMovie

Apple Keynote

Apple Numbers

Apple Pages


Cisco Webex Meetings

Google Meet

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft One Note

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Word

Saba Meeting


Windows MovieMaker




E2 Math Sample1 - C&G

Paper 1 Info Pack

E2 Math Sample 2 - C&G

Paper 2 Info Pack

E2 Math Sample 3 - C&G

Paper 3 Info Pack

E2 Math Sample 4 - C&G

Paper 4 Info Pack

E2 Addition of Whole Numbers - Ascentis

E2 Collecting and Representing Data - Ascentis

E2 Extracting and Sorting Data - Ascentis

E2 Fraction Skills - Ascentis

E2 Length - Ascentis 

E2 Money - Ascentis

E2 Multiplication of Whole Numbers - Ascentis

E2 Shape & Space - Ascentis

E2 Subtraction of Whole Numbers - Ascentis 

E2 Time - Ascentis

E2 Weight - Ascentis 

E2 Whole Number - Ascentis

E3 Math Sample 1

Paper 1 Info Pack

E3 Math Sample 2

Paper 2 Info Pack

E3 Math Sample 3

Paper 3 Info Pack

E3 Math Sample 4

Paper 4 Info Pack

E3 Math Sample 5